Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Lacrosse · NDA Lacrosse- Class of 2020 Recognition

The Notre Dame Academy Athletic Department wishes to recognize our 2020 Lacrosse seniors.  We would like to thank our seniors for their dedication to NDA Lacrosse.  We wish them all the best with their futures!

NDA Lacrosse WTOL 11 Sports Senior Spotlight from Coach Vellequette.



NDA Lacrosse Senior:  Lauren Devine

Parents:  Mary and Kevin Devine

Years of NDA Lacrosse:  3

Honors:  2-year Varsity Letter Winner, NDA All Academic, JV Team Captain, and JV Coaches Award.

Other Activities:  SEAL Team, Spanish Club, Asian Club, Mr. NDA Core Team, Most Blessed Sacrament Youth Group, and CYO volleyball league and tournament champion.

Most Memorable NDA Lacrosse Moment:  Defeating Perrysburg and painting their rock!

Plans After Graduation:  Attend Miami University to study Biochemistry and Neuroscience on a Pre-Med track.


From Lauren’s Parents:  “We firmly believe Lauren’s choice to attend NDA was a decision she based in faith.  She left her closest friends and comfort to go where her heart led.  She extended herself and made all new friends freshman year.  She made lacrosse captain her first year out and served on the mission trip to the Dominican Republic her junior year.  And when faced with an unusual extended family circumstance, while anxious and scared, she was present to family and took to prayer in our parish adoration chapel.  Somewhere along the way she set a personal goal to read the entire Bible and dedicate time and reflection to this.  Now as a Senior she looks forward to sharing the witness of her faith serving as a team leader for Kairos.  Surely, at NDA her adventurous and faithful spirit has thrived.  And despite the unexpected end of her high school career and the loss of many lasts, she has yet again quietly leaned into her faith and discerned the start of her next chapters to be written at Miami University where she plans to study so as to continue to learn how best to be a faithful servant to others.”



NDA Lacrosse Senior:  Caroline Jarrell

Grandparents:  Linda and Dennis Pawlecki

Years of NDA Lacrosse:  4

Honors:  3-year Varsity Letter Winner, NDA All Academic, All-Region Honorable Mention sophomore and junior year, Coaches Award junior year, and Athlete of the Week. 

Other Activities:  Cross Country, Student Council, Pep Club Captain, Link Crew, Asian Club, Spanish Club, and Mr. NDA Core Team.

Most Memorable NDA Lacrosse Moment:  Playing World Cup at the end of the season last year with the coaches! 

Plans After Graduation:  Attend The Ohio State University to study Social Work.


From Caroline’s Grandparents:  “Wise, for her years, is a perfect word to describe our granddaughter Caroline Grace Jarrell.  Welcomed on 10-15-01, having ‘spunk’ from birth, the following is a collection of thoughts through the years. CJ’s life is one of continual expansion.  She has great ability and commitment, sincerely cares for others, and makes smart choices.  She is amicable with a smile reminiscent of her Mom, Susan.  She is always aware of what is going on around her and volunteers to help.  She has adapted to a really rapidly changing environment i.e., new life, location, friends, schools and extracurricular activities.  The fact is,CJ also is accountable- her words do mean something.

All of the above traits combined with her Attitude, Character, and pursuit of Excellence, truly make her an ‘ACE’ in our lives and bodes well for her future.  Caroline, to sum up, you really are ‘Wise’ for your years.  Bravo for you being you.  Be proud.  You also make us proud.  We all love you.”



NDA Lacrosse Senior:  Jessica Lehmkuhl

Mother:  Karen Lehmkuhl 

Years of NDA Lacrosse:  4

Honors: 2-year Varsity Letter Winner and NDA All Academic. 

Other Activities:  Link Crew, Campus Ministry Evangelization Team, Latin Club, Seal Team, and Exec Student Council Honor Guard.

Most Memorable NDA Lacrosse Moment:  Winning the Perrysburg game towards the end of last season and then going to paint the rock and getting ice cream with the whole team!

Plans After Graduation:  Attend Saint Mary’s and study nursing with goals to become a Postpartum Nurse Practitioner. 


From Jessica’s Mother:  “Jessica has a pure, loving heart.  She is kind, compassionate, humble, honest and faithful.  Although well deserved, she does not like attention drawn to her, but has shown courage and strength to prevail.”



NDA Lacrosse Senior:  Paige Payden

Parents:  Susan and Jeff Payden

Years of NDA Lacrosse:  4

Honors:  3-year Varsity Letter Winner, Most Improved Player, Second Team All Region, and NDA All Academic.

Other Activities:  Freshman Basketball, Link Crew, Vegan Club, Pep Club, Seal Team, and Spanish Club.

Most Memorable NDA Lacrosse Moment:  Whenever we played Perrysburg it was always a physical and competitive game.  During my junior year we beat them and we were all very happy and excited and got to paint their school rock.

Plans After Graduation:  Attend Miami University to study Biology on a Pre-Med track. 


From Paige’s Parents:  “Paige just seems to naturally understand that any goal worth striving for requires hard work.  Whether it’s academics, sports, or some other pursuit, she is self-motivated, puts together a plan, and follows through from beginning to end.  Even if there are setbacks or missteps along the way, she stays strong and stays the course.  This is just one quality among many that makes her a special person and daughter.  We have no doubt she will achieve her goals for the future and we are extremely proud of her.”



NDA Lacrosse Senior:  Sara Schultz

Parents:  Julie and Dan Schultz

Years of NDA Lacrosse:  4

Honors:  3-year Varsity Letter Winner, Team Captain, Team MVP, Second Team All Region, Honorable Mention All State, NDA All Academic, and NDA Record for Most Saves in One Season. 

Other Activities:  NDA Asian Club, Pep Club, and Spanish Club member, Mr. NDA Core Team, Homeroom Representative, and Student Ambassador.

Most Memorable NDA Lacrosse Moment:  My most memorable moment was having our bus hit various objects on the way to our hotel in Cincinnati and having the other team pick up the broken pieces and sign them for us. 

Plans After Graduation:  Attend Michigan State University and major in Finance.


From Sara’s Parents:  “It was extremely difficult to pick just one virtue that represents Sara, but having to do that, it is Confident.  Sara displays this virtue by the positive way she lives her life and takes, head on, the everyday challenges that life presents.  Sara is confident, not only in the abilities she has, but in her ability to work hard and learn new skills to accomplish and overcome any new challenges.  Sara displays confidence not only in herself but also in those around her by showing them a positive attitude and outlook when helping them.  Sara’s confidence in herself is passed on to those around her and makes them feel more comfortable when they are trying to learn something new.”



NDA Lacrosse Senior:  Elizabeth Weathers

Parents:  Veronica and Steven Weathers 

Years of NDA Lacrosse:  4

Honors:  3-year Varsity Letter Winner and NDA All Academic.

Other Activities:  Cross Country, Student Ambassador, Mr. NDA Core Team, and Pep Club. 

Most Memorable NDA Lacrosse Moment:  Shoveling snow off the field before our game sophomore year. 

Plans After Graduation:  Attend either UCLA or UCSB majoring in Immunology, Microbiology & Disease Prevention.


From Elizabeth’s Parents:  “Elizabeth has always committed herself to the situation at hand.  Whether it be completing an assignment, helping a friend, or even walking the dog- she gets it done.  Her ability to keep the commitment and follow through is a true virtue and quality she has instilled into her life.”


Go Eagles!